How long do CoolSculpting results last

Do you watch what you eat and exercise regularly, but still have stubborn fat bulges that won’t budge?  CoolSculpting can help you get rid of that unwanted fat.  CoolSculpting is a breakthrough body contouring treatment that uses cooling technology to remove stubborn fat.  But how long do CoolSculpting results last.   What is CoolSculpting CoolSculpting [...]

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Is there such a thing as a non-surgical butt lift?

Would you like a perkier, firmer butt?  Butt implant surgery has traditionally been recommended for augmenting the buttocks, but if you would prefer to avoid surgery because of the possible side-effects and long downtime, a non-surgical option may be ideal for you.   But is there such a thing as a non-surgical butt lift.   Is there [...]

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Am I A Candidate For CoolSculpting?

Do you have bothersome fat on the abdomen, flanks, or thighs that is resistant to diet and exercise. The fat-freezing CoolSculpting procedure may be the solution. CoolSculpting can remove worrisome areas of fat, so that you can get back on track with your fitness goals. But you need to first of all find out if [...]

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Coolsculpting Now FDA Approved for the Back, Bra Bulge and Under-Buttock Area

Did you know that Coolsculpting is now FDA approved for bra bulge, back fat and the under-butt fat?!  CoolSculpting, the non-surgical treatment that helps eliminate unwanted fat inthe abdomen, love handles, thighs and double chin, has now been approved by the FDA to reduce fat around the bra straps, the back and underneath the buttocks. "Our [...]

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