Will I Get Results Faster with DualSculpting?

Do you have stubborn fat in a few spots that just won’t go away?  CoolSculpting can freeze that fat away for you.  If you think CoolSculpting is remarkable then you are sure to be impressed with DualSculpting, which combines two CoolSculpting systems in one treatment.  But will you get results faster will DualSculpting.

How CoolSculpting works

CoolSculpting contours the body by using controlled cooling to freeze away unwanted fat cells.   The treated fat cells crystallize and die, and are eventually expelled from the body over the following weeks and months.  CoolSculpting is a gentle treatment that requires no downtime (learn more).

Will I Get Results Faster with DualSculpting?

You will certainly get results faster with DualSculpting, because 2 machines are being used in one session.   This is especially beneficial when multiple areas are being treated.

CoolSculpting uses a single device, so areas like the flanks or thighs would require 2 sessions, but with DualSculpting both sides can be done at the same time.    This will cut treatment time in half, so results will be faster.

DualSculpting also makes it possible to target more than one area during the same session.  For example it’s possible to treat the abdomen with one machine, while the other machine targets the buttocks (click here).

DualSculpting also saves time

With DualSculpting two areas can be treated in a single session, and that means fewer appointments are required to treat multiple troublespots.  As a result, patients will need to take less time out of their busy schedule to get CoolSculpting treatments.  

If you are in the Greenbrae or Walnut Creek CA areas, contact board certified plastic surgeon Robert Aycock M.D. for a consultation.

You can reach Dr. Aycock at www.aycockmd.com, or by calling   (925) 854-4174 for the office in Walnut Creek or (415) 903-8463 for the Greenbrae location.

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