How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Do I Need?

Are those stubborn fat bulges getting you down? Why not freeze them away with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that has helped many men and women achieve the sleeker body contours they desire. However, one of the most common questions patients ask about the process is – How many CoolSculpting cycles do I need.

What is CoolSculpting?

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that uses a system of controlled cooling (cryolipolysis), to reduce stubborn fat bulges. The fat cells are frozen until they crystallize, and they are subsequently cleared from the body over the following weeks.

What areas can CoolSculpting treat?

CoolSculpting is FDA approved for treating the following areas – abdomen, flanks, back, bra fat, upper arms, inner and outer thighs, underneath the buttocks (also called the banana roll), and the submental area (double chin).

How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Do I Need?

A cycle of CoolSculpting refers to the treatment of a specific area of the body for a 35-45 minute session. The duration of the cycle depends on the area being treated.

The number of CoolSculpting cycles you need will depend on your desired results, the area being treated, and the amount of fat that is there to begin with. How your body responds to CoolSculpting, and the type of results you see after your initial treatment, also influence the number of cycles needed. Patients that are already leading a healthy lifestyle generally get better overall results.

There is usually some swelling and redness after CoolSculpting, but the final results won’t be seen until 2-3 months after treatment.

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