Electric Car Subscription – Going From Ownership To Usership

Remember when you would dream about that car you always saw in a showroom on your way home from the office?  

How about the new SUV on a TV ad that captivated you?  

Well, here is some good news for you.  

We live in a time where you are no longer restricted to traditional car buying and leasing. The car subscription service is now available for all of us. 

The question you may be asking yourself is… 

What’s the difference between the traditional car-buying and car subscription? 

The only thing you need to think about is your car’s regular monthly payment as part of the car subscription service. Pay the monthly fee, and drive. Leave all of the main worries to your car subscription service company. Yes, it’s that easy. 

But when you buy a new car, you need to shell out a down payment and additional fees for insurance, taxes, and more. Even those annoying sales agents won’t care what you really need in a car and will forcefully show you a ‘nice’ attitude because they see you as walking money, not an actual person. 

What attracts the market to a car subscription model?   

In the last few years, people just aren’t as interested in filling up their lives with possessions. We used to equate success with materialism — a fancy car, a big house, nice clothes. Today, we’re all seeking experiences.  

But here’s the thing — while ownership is in decline, usership is on the rise.  

What do I mean by that?  

Something fascinating is happening in the global economy right now. 

Industry after industry, unit sales are down, but consumption is up. And what’s more, those industries are healthy and growing. 

The car service subscription industry is on an upward trajectory. The companies involved in this business model reach achievements that conventional car dealerships have not.  

By 2024, car subscriptions are predicted to expand to $9.15 billion with a projected 63 percent compound annual growth rate or CAGR. In 2022, a 2019 research from Ipsos stated that the car subscription market will grow by a massive 71 percent.     

The interest in the subscription industry is growing consistently. Among the highlighted markets are millennials, with the age group drawn most to the “subscription lifestyle.” They found that the lifestyle they are looking for is also in cars. The research further revealed that there are 17 percent saying they were signing up in 2020.     

The ability to choose subscription automobiles for specific purposes. Like browsing through preview cover images of their favorite movies and television series, subscribing to cars allows them to choose what they want to drive in a particular season. Interestingly, women are attracted to the concierge and delivery services feature, while men are drawn to the concept of not arranging the insurance themselves.    

Hassle-Free Access to Electric Vehicles  

Technology is innovating, and there will always be something new and trendy the day after tomorrow. It makes your car depreciate its value over time. 

Car subscriptions are simple. Gone are the days of countless hours and stress obtaining cars like luxury and electric vehicles. There are no longer waiting times at DMV lines, no more insurance hassles, no more financing obstacles, or even tracking multiple payments, due dates, and endless paperwork. 

Electric cars have virtually fewer complications and breakdowns. It’s a plug-and-go type of technology, which is a very efficient way of transportation. 

T4L Electric Car Subscription 

T4L, Transportation 4 Life, is one of the few vehicle subscription companies on the market today offering a world-class car subscription service. As a member, you can experience all the benefits and perks other car enthusiasts do not have access to.  

“Partnering with electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla and Nissan, and the paradigm shift from car ownership to car usership, we make it easy and painless to have the best vehicles,” said Allen Witters, T4L Chief Executive Officer.  

When you become a T4L Member subscriber, you have the opportunity to subscribe to a Model S, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model 3. 

Not only that. T4L now offers EVs from Nissan too. Very soon, other EVs will also join the T4L Fleet. 

Isn’t it amazing?    

T4L members no longer have to deal with multiple companies. They will contact their dedicated T4L Member Service Specialist to handle all of their electric vehicle needs.  

Everything from servicing, maintenance, repairs, billing, registration, charging, tickets, upgrades, vehicle refreshes, software/technology issues, and changing vehicles.   

T4L provides a method that delivers value and best-in-class services to garner significant customer loyalty, relationship, and growth by offering “Enjoyable & Easy Transportation Access.”  

For more information on their car service subscription and to sign up for a luxury car subscription, visit https://www.t4l.me/  

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