Does Non-Surgical Lipo Exist?

Are you struggling to get rid of stubborn areas of unwanted fat, but don’t want to undergo traditional liposuction.  If you are, you may be wondering if non-surgical lipo treatments exist.

Does Non-Surgical Lipo Exist?

While there are non-surgical fat reduction solutions on the market, these procedures do not involve liposuction.  However, thereare minimally invasive lipo solutions such as SmartLipo and SlimLipo available.

Minimally invasive lipo can be performed under local anesthesia, and requires less downtime than traditional liposuction, because of the reduced amount of trauma and bruising that occurs during treatment.  Let’s take a closer look at these technologies.


SmartLipo is a laser-assisted liposuction technique, in which laser technology is used to heat and liquefy the excess fat, which is then suctioned out of the body.  The laser probe is inserted under the skin via tiny incisions in the treatment area.  SmartLipo can be done on various parts of the body including the arms, abdomen, thighs, submental area (below the chin), and male breasts (learn more).


SlimLipo is another laser lipo treatment that reduces fat and tightens the skin, but it has shorter wavelengths of light than SmartLipo.  Patients typically notice that their skin is smoother and tighter immediately after SlimLipo, and improvements continue for several months after treatment. SlimLipo is typically used on the upper arms, lower abdomen, and inner thighs.

If you are interested in minimally invasive liposuction, it’s best to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out if you would be a good candidate for the procedure.   Be sure to select a surgeon that is highly experienced with laser lipo technologies such as SmartLipo and SlimLipo (read more).

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