Does Coolsculpting® Require Recovery?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you wish you could fit in again but have a few inches on your waistline you need to whittle away?   You can freeze away that stubborn fat with CoolSculpting.  CoolSculpting is a safe, non-surgical body contouring solution that can trim your waistline and sculpt your body.  But does CoolSculpting require recovery?  


What To Expect With CoolSculpting 

CoolSculpting targets localized areas of stubborn fat using fat freezing technology known as cryolipolysis.  The precisely controlled cooling damages the fat cells beneath the skin without harming the surrounding skin and tissue.  

The treatment area is massaged at the end of the procedure to help break down the fat cells and enhance results.   The frozen fat cells are flushed from the body in the weeks after treatment.

Depending on the treatment area and the applicator being used, CoolSculpting can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to perform.  

CoolSculpting is safe for all skin tones and skin types. 

Is CoolSculpting Painful?

Patients will feel intense cold at the treatment site soon after the applicator is applied, but this subsides once the area becomes numb.  During treatment, there may also be a few uncomfortable sensations such as tingling, stinging, mild pinching, or pulling in the targeted area.  However, CoolSculpting is not painful.  

Most patients pass the time listening to music, reading a magazine, or catching up with a friend. 

What Areas Can CoolSculpting Treat?  

CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure that adjusts the shape of the body by targeting visible fat bulges.  It can treat areas such as the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks, submental area (under the chin), upper arms, and underneath the buttocks (banana roll).  

Does CoolSculpting Require Downtime?

One of the reasons CoolSculpting is so popular is because it requires no downtime.   While there may be minor redness, tenderness, and swelling after treatment, these side-effects usually resolve quickly. 

Surgical fat reduction treatments like liposuction may require a lengthy downtime, but CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that requires no anesthesia, incisions, or recovery time.   

Patients don’t have to take time off work or daily responsibilities after CoolSculpting, so it’s the ideal option for men and women with busy schedules. 

How Many Treatments Will You Need

A single CoolSculpting session reduces fat in the treated area by 20-25%.  However, some patients may need additional treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals. 

When Will You See Results?

The fat cells treated during CoolSculpting are gradually removed from the body over several weeks, so the results are not immediate.  Patients typically see results 1-3 months after treatment, but final results can take up to 6 months.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results of CoolSculpting can last a long time because the fat cells treated during the procedure won’t return.  However, if patients gain weight, the other fat cells will expand.  Therefore, it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle after treatment to maintain the results. 

Are You A Good Candidate For CoolSculpting?

If you have a few areas of excess fat you have been struggling to get rid of without success, you may be a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting.  CoolSculpting is the perfect treatment for problem areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.   Candidates for CoolSculpting should also be in good health. 

For best results, CoolSculpting should be performed by a board-certified dermatologist.

If you are interested in fat reduction but don’t have the time to take off for recovery, CoolSculpting may be the right solution for you.  It is an innovative experience that can remove bothersome fat, and help you achieve the body shape you desire.  

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