How Long Do Coolsculpting Results Last?

Do you have pockets of stubborn fat that are preventing you from reaching your body contouring goals?  If so, CoolSculpting can provide the extra push you need to banish those fat bulges that don’t respond to diet and exercise.  But how long do CoolSculpting results last?

CoolSculpting For Fat Reduction

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat removal method that uses fat freezing technology to reduce unwanted fat.  The freezing energy selectively targets the fat cells, causing them to crystallize and die.  The dead cells are naturally flushed from the body over several weeks, resulting in a more sculpted physique.  

How Long Do CoolSculpting Results Last?

CoolSculpting provides long-lasting results because the treated fat cells that are expelled from the body cannot return.  However, in order to maintain their new shape, patients are advised to manage their weight by eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.  

Most patients notice some initial fat reduction in the treated areas about 3 weeks after CoolSculpting.  However, the body takes several weeks to process the dead fat cells, so final results can take up to 4 months to show.

A single CoolSculpting cycle reduces fat in the targeted area by 20-25%.  Patients will notice improved body contours after CoolSculpting, and their clothes will fit a lot better because of the inches lost. 

Who is a good candidate?

CoolSculpting is the ideal treatment for people that are already eating well and working out, but have some areas of fat that diet and exercise won’t change.

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